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Predictive Analytics Ain’t No Crystal Ball

John Wieser, Management Consultant for MSS Business Transformation Advisory, talks about Predictive Analytics; what it is and what it isn’t. Predictive Analytics is the reason why companies that went under could have stayed solvent, and to leverage their available information using business analytics – in particular, Predictive Analytics. This exponentially growing tool can (when used appropriately) revolutionize your organization, allowing you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on an otherwise paralyzing mountain of data. Simply put, Predictive Analytics leverages the data available to an organization – some of which is used by Descriptive Analytics – and determines what data is actionable for your organization. However, it has to be used by a very mature user base with a narrow, specific focus to answer a specific question. Wieser gives case studies and offers insight in the first article in his series on Predictive Analytics. Click here to read more.

The Internet of Things – A Tidal Wave of Trouble

Glenn Schulke, Management Consultant for MSS Business Transformation Advisory and IoT expert, talks about the Internet of Things (IoT), the ubiquitous technology will be embedded in everything from buildings, roads, factories, automobiles, homes, you name it, and will monitor and control your heating and cooling systems, keep track of items in your refrigerator, keep traffic flowing and automatically reroute you to avoid any delays due to construction or other incidents. Schulke talks about the prevalence of IoT devices in the future (almost 200 billion) and some of its security pitfalls, referencing the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack took down millions of IoT devices and brought bellwether technology companies like Netflix, PayPal and Twitter to their proverbial knees last year by using a very simple malware program, Mirai. Schulke proposes some solutions to these cyber-security hacks and discusses the reliability of IoT devices. Read all about it here.

Does Your CIO have the Right Policies and Standards for IoT?

Glenn Schulke, Management Consultant for MSS Business Transformation Advisory, writes his third article in his series on IoT regarding “What are standards for these IoT devices and who sets them?” Schulke looks at the standard setting bodies regarding security for IoT devices and their necessity in preventing cyber-security breaches now and in the future. Standards will determine the quality of IoT devices produced from now on and will dictate the security, scalability and reliability of these devices in the future. Schulke defines the industry standards for IoT based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has continually driven the standards within electrical, electronics and computing industries as well as the mobile standards set by Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM) is an international telecommunications standard for the transmission of voice and data between cell phones and other mobile devices. Schulke additionally identifies the different IoT solutions providers. Click here to read more.

Costs of Machine Learning, Data Processing, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and Automation/Artificial Intelligence

Charles Zulanas, Senior Consultant for MSS Business Transformation Advisory, presents the ways to incorporate the latest technology into your business and the costs of doing so in any industry. Zulanas breaks down each of the terms by definition, sources for more information, examples and costs for popular technology such as Machine Learning, Data Processing, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and Automation/Artificial Intelligence. The estimated cost for incorporating all of these services into your business is also included. Zulanas discusses specific examples of uses for the new technology and leaves you to learn how you can specifically apply them to your industry. Click here to learn more.

How Can I Begin the Shift to Exponential Leadership Myself?

Dr. Karen S. Walch, Partner at Clair-Buoyant™ Leadership, LLC and Co-creator of Quantum Negotiation Certification programs, explains how strong intention, reflection and discipline, Clarity, Congruence and Courage™ can serve as guardrails in the process of transforming fear into positive new outcomes.

If leaders want to progress, they must face the natural fear that disruption generates, and purposefully excavate their old beliefs in order to accelerate effectively through the adaptation to, and acquisition of, new mindsets and skillsets. This requires re-training our brains to forge clarity in the midst of the ambiguity often heightened in times of disruption. It also means allowing oneself to align, or be in congruence with, exponential thinking in the face of prevailing linear logic. Finally, it means embracing the leadership courage it will take to proactively drive the kind of transformation to thrive in disruptive and exponential times.

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