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Employee Orientation

Successful change relies on the acceptance and engagement of your employees, one individual at a time. The Change Management Orientation for Employees is based on the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change and the ADKAR® Model to help employees engage in the change process. Participants will gain a feeling of control over the change process, learn the concepts of change management, understand how to use the ADKAR model as a change tool and engage in the changes currently underway within their organization.

Program Length

  • 1-day program (time could vary depending on depth of conversation)

Intended Audience

  • The program is designed for front-line employees impacted by change

Ideal Size

  • 30 or fewer participants

Success Factors

  • Sponsorship
  • Pre-work
  • Managed Expectations
  • Manager support but not presence

For more information about the Employee Orientation program, contact us at 602-387-2100 or  Workshop can be performed at MSSBTI facilities in Central Phoenix, AZ or onsite at the client location.

Practitioner Certification

Participants will be equipped with Prosci’s research-based change management methodology and tools including the Prosci 3-Phase Process, Prosci® ADKAR® Model, Change Management Toolkit, and Change Management Pilot Professional in order to develop scaled change management strategies for projects and initiatives. Participants who successfully complete the program will be certified as a Prosci Change Management Practitioner.

Program Length

  • 3-day program

Intended Audience

Employees who are responsible for managing change on specific projects or initiatives or those responsible for building an organizational change management competency. This could include:

  • Change Managers
  • change management team members
  • Project Managers
  • project team members
  • HR leads
  • OD leads
  • sponsors of change
  • consultants and trainers

Ideal Size

  • 12-16 participants

Success Factors

  • Effective sponsorship
  • Administrative support
  • Project and work group definitions
  • Managing expectations
  • Environment
  • Pre-work completion


For more information about becoming a Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner, contact us at 602-387-2100 or  Workshop can be performed at MSSBTI facilities in Central Phoenix, AZ or onsite at the client location.

Podcast: Non-observant People Create Risk


People can be categorized in one of two ways – observant or non-observant. According to Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, it is non-observant people that cause risk and inefficiency in an organization by not looking at their surroundings to understand what they should. They collect too much data to help make decisions, thus creating risk in their organization. So, how do you minimize risk created by non-observant people?

In this podcast, Dr. Kashiwagi and David Lee discuss and debate this unique and controversial perspective.


Prosci Change Management Training and Certifications

Prosci® Change Management Training and Certification

It’s a well-known fact that 70% of all change efforts fail to meet their objectives. However, 94% of organizations that apply affective change management meet their objectives. Excellent change management makes a project nearly five times as likely to come in on schedule and twice as likely to come in under or at budget. Moreover, Change Management is proven to:

  • Increase probability of project success
  • Manage employee resistance to change
  • Build change competency in the organization

Prosci’s Change Management Program gives organizations the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. The programs come in different flavors depending on the needs.


Course Length Description Who should attend Class Size
Practitioner Certification Program 3 days This program trains and certifies participants as Change Management Practitioners through application of Prosci® tools, research and methodology. Individuals and teams responsible for managing change and/or building the change management competency within their organization 8-16 participants
Sponsor Briefing 4-6 hours The program prepares leaders to embrace their role in effective change management. Executives and Senior Leaders who authorize and lead change 10

participants maximum

Manager Program 1 day This program helps managers and leaders learn how to maximize change investment, avoid common mistakes, and manage resistance. Managers and supervisors who oversee and help employees impacted by change 8-15 participants
Employee Orientation 1 day This program is based on the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change and the Prosci® ADKAR® model. Employees who ultimately bring change to life through adoption and utilization 10 participants maximum
Delivering Project Results 4-6 hours This program is designed to introduce change management to project managers in frameworks familiar to them. Project Teams
Project Managers & Leaders
Solution Developers
LEAN & Six Sigma Practitioners
Operational Excellence Practitioners
Organizational Development Consultants
10-15 participants


Expected Outcomes

  • For 3-day certification program, certified change practitioners who have the tools, knowledge, and skills to advance change in the organization
  • Clear understanding of the importance of change management and how it integrates with other disciplines
  • Access to the Prosci® eToolkit (all programs)
  • Strong understanding of the process methodology, framework and resources (all programs)


  • For 1-day programs, a better understanding of Change Management as it relates to the role and goals in the company
  • For the 3-day certification, a deep understanding of methods, tools and applications of Change Management that can be immediately put into practice
  • Increased realization and return from changed projects
  • Better and faster adoption, utilization and proficiency for Change projects
  • Increased ability to maintain or improve productivity during periods of change
  • Higher retention of valued employees during periods of change
  • Increased competency for managing change across the organization
  • Greater ability to sustain change and achieve long-term goals after projects are completed


  • Any change project, large or small, at the individual and organizational levels


  • All workshops can be performed at MSSBTI facilities in Central Phoenix, AZ or onsite at the client location

Client Reviews

“I think Prosci will help me to manage up, persuading leaders to take a more deliberate approach to change.” Matt J., Maricopa County Community College District

“This was great training! It was thorough, right level of information delivery and was interactive.” Kevin B., Maricopa County Community College District

“Eye-opening class. I came in a bit resistant, but quickly became engaged.” Stanley A., Tacoma Public Utilities


Podcast: The Art of Getting What You Need with Karen S. Walch, PhD


Dr. Karen S. Walch shares with David Lee real life examples of Quantum Negotiation and the Art of Getting What You Need.

In the context of negotiation, we are all connected.  To get what you need you must clearly understand the emotions and sense of purpose that drive your decision making and that of your counterpart. That clarity will help you align with the intentions of your counterpart to develop a relationship that will guide you both through the negotiation process to ultimately get what you need.



Podcast – Cyber Security: Not a Technology Issue – A Transformational Business Strategy

cyber security podcast

Airing on December 5, 2017, this podcast provides C-level perspective on building a transformational cyber security strategy that creates value for the organization while protecting its most valuable – nonhuman – asset; its data. Our expert panelists address the ubiquitous nature of the cyber security issue, how to set and achieve expectations from your cyber security strategy, what to expect from a Chief Information Security Officer, and how cyber security adds value in business terms.

Dr. Roméo Farinacci is a senior security consultant with Terra Verde Services, specializing in security program development, risk management, security architectures, and risk assessments. He brings over 20 years dedicated IT/Security experience and 5 years consultation of complex enterprise infrastructures in public, private, and government sectors. Roméo’s passion in cyber security enables him to effectively develop and communicate change strategies for improving the security posture of organizations. His education portfolio includes a Doctorate in Management with an emphasis in Information Systems Technology, an MBA in International Business and an MS in Information Technology. He also has the following professional certifications: CISSP, CISM, PMP, GSLC, and Six Sigma Green Belt / Lean.

Kim L. Jones is a 31-year intelligence, security, and risk management professional with expertise in information security strategy; governance & compliance; security operations; and risk management. Professor Jones is a former Chief Security Officer who has built, operated, and/or managed information security programs within the financial services, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, and business outsourcing industries. Jones holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and a Masters Degree in Information Assurance from Norwich University.  He also holds the CISM and CISSP certifications.

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