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  • Business Process Improvement

    process improvement

    What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

    Business Process Improvement (BPI) is fundamental to growing an organization and adapting to changing market conditions. If your goal is to build a high functioning organization, you should strive to understand both HOW and WHERE to apply your process improvement efforts.

    At MSSBTA, we define Business Process Improvement (BPI) as the art of identifying, analyzing, and improving existing business processes to achieve a desired business benefit or outcome. 

    What are the Benefits of Business Process Improvement?

    Regardless of your industry or market vertical, the desired benefits and outcomes of business process improvement initiatives can usually be grouped into one of a few broad objectives:

    Without a disciplined approach to Business Process Improvement (BPI)
    and a solid foundation in leading research, your projects are likely to become
    part of the staggering 54% of improvement projects that fail.

    What are the Top Challenges in Business Process Improvement?

    Business Process Improvement initiatives face a gauntlet of challenges that must be overcome. The top challenges we often see include:

    Consider a Technology Assessment for BPI Targeting

    What are some Business Process Improvement best practices?

    Many of the challenges mentioned above can be alleviated by following some BPI Best Practices.

    1. Never make improvements at random or in isolation. Integrate and Synchronize.
    2. Prioritize and select processes that are strategically aligned.
    3. Conduct fact/data-based analysis to ensure true root-causes of issues are identified. Do not depend on subjective analysis or opinion.
    4. Select approach (Lean, Six Sigma etc.) based upon need. Choose Fit over Standardization.
    5. Manage each improvement initiative as a project with effective sponsorship, communication, and provide effective Transformation Oversight.

    What is your Business Process Improvement Approach?

    Each organization and situation are unique.  Our approach considers these differences, and we work with our clients to develop custom solutions leveraging industry best practices, data-driven research, and our own deep experience.  Our five-phase approach to process improvement is outlined below.

    steps in business process improvement

    We can help with Business Process Improvement

    MSSBTA consultants have successfully delivered countless business process improvement initiatives over the years. If you can use an extra set of hands, send us a note and we will get back to you shortly. or 602-387-2100.

    Why should you consider MSSBTA for Business Process Improvement initiatives?

    Many organizations have process improvement specialists and even entire teams dedicated to business process improvement. Whether your organization has a dedicated team or not, there are several reasons to consider hiring MSSBTA to lead an initiative or supplement your team:

    #1 Acquire expertise you do not have.  By hiring MSSBTA, you can bridge any internal gaps in knowledge, skill, and capacity with your internal team. 

    #2 Build internal competency during execution.  We will work to transfer knowledge to your team, while we lead (or assist your team) on a specific initiative. This “on the job” training can be invaluable to the maturity level of your process improvement team.

    #3 Leverage process improvement accelerators.  MSSBTA has a structured approach, tools, templates, and access to the latest industry research and best practices. You will not need to re-invent the wheel and you can achieve the desired benefits of the initiative much faster.

    #4 Mitigate internal politics and bias. As a third party, we can come in and do the work without having to worry about damaging long term work relationships.  As a third-party expert, we have immediate authority and will make the tough calls that internal resources might be hesitant or unwilling to make.

    #5 Get an extra set of hands. Some initiatives can be resource intensive. There is often a strong business case to bring in a consultant for a temporary assignment vs. hiring a permanent employee.

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