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  • Transformation Oversight

    transformation oversight

    A Digital Transformation is a significant investment for any organization.  Notwithstanding the level of investment, a digital transformation can encompass challenges that even the most highly skilled and accomplished executives will struggle to negotiate.  Digital Transformations are more than just technology projects.  They are major business initiatives requiring a level of leadership, governance, and accountability that smaller IT projects, frankly, do not.  At MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA), we strongly encourage executive sponsors, who are considering a digital transformation, to place Transformation Oversight on their agenda during the initial stages of any major technology initiative. 

    What is a Digital Transformation?

    A Digital Transformation is the adoption of technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or alternatively, replacing older technology with newer technology.

    What are the Benefits of Digital Transformation?

    The overarching objective of any Digital Transformation is to derive a set of benefits that outweigh the cost of the investment. In other words, when an organization decides to invest in a digital transformation, there is an explicit expectation of a Return on Investment (ROI). This expectation can usually be categorized in one of the following areas:

    What is the Top Challenge in Digital Transformation?

    The top challenge for any organization executing a digital transformation is how to provide sufficient Leadership, Governance, and Accountability for the Digital Transformation effort.


    We often see executive sponsors falling short in clearly communicating a vision, aligning stakeholders, defining the project organization, allocating resources, and establishing clear roles and responsibilities. Sometimes it is a matter of an executive sponsor not having the knowledge, background, or skillset to know what needs to be done. More often, it is a matter of negotiating competing priorities that tax the bandwidth of the executive sponsor, and negatively impacts his or her ability to provide the necessary leadership for a digital transformation.


    It is easy to fall into the trap where your vendor(s) manage you and not the other way around. An organization’s internal resources usually do not have the skill, capacity, insight, and tools to provide good governance for its vendor(s), or even its internal resources assigned to the project. This often manifests itself in the underdevelopment of KPI’s, and reporting tools. Without this governance structure, there is a lack of visibility into how the project is being executed, the issues, and the potential implications to budget, schedule, scope, and quality. As a result, there are often ‘surprises’ that could have easily been prevented.


    In any major technology initiative, uncertainty is the rule rather than the exception. There will be things that happen that could not have reasonably been planned for during the initial phases of the project. When uncertainty raises its ugly head, we often see finger pointing and the blame game, and no one stepping up and taking accountability. Accountability problems can ultimately result in delays, costly change orders, and a mismatch between expectations and the delivered results.

    What are some other Challenges in Digital Transformation?

    Digital Transformations are extremely demanding business initiatives.  Although the top challenge is providing sufficient Leadership, Governance, and Accountability, there are plenty of other challenges. Some of these other challenges include: 

    What is Transformation Oversight?

    Transformation Oversight is the application of a structured methodology, toolset, techniques, and acquired skills to provide the Leadership, Governance, and Accountability necessary to deliver a successful Digital Transformation.  Transformation Oversight addresses critical success factors beyond the traditional project management responsibilities. Properly executed, Transformation Oversight minimizes risk, ensures sustainable project success, and drives positive business outcomes.

    What are the Components of Transformation Oversight?

    digital transformation oversight

    What are the Advantages of Hiring MSSBTA for Transformation Oversight?

    When you choose MSSBTA for Transformation Oversight, we take accountability for the overall success of the initiative. Here are five other reasons to choose MSSBTA for Transformation Oversight:

    #1 Acquire expertise you do not have.  By hiring MSSBTA, you can bridge your internal gaps in skill, knowledge, and experience.  Executing a Digital Transformation is not your core competency, and there is a steep learning curve. Our consultants have the gravitas, experience, executive presence, and training to successfully provide Transformation Oversight to your digital transformation.

    #2 Address temporary capacity issues. Executing a Digital Transformation will require a temporary increased demand on your internal resource requirements.  Hiring permanent new employees is significantly more expensive and takes considerably longer than contracting a third party to address temporary capacity issues.

    #3 Leverage digital transformation accelerators.  Your digital transformation will certainly benefit from a proven and structured methodology, tools, and templates.  By leveraging these accelerators, you can transform your organization faster, obtain the benefits sooner, and release internal capacity to continue to grow your business.

    #4 The third-party factor. An independent third party will be in a much better position to hold your vendor(s) AND your internal resources accountable.   A third party can come in, do the job, and exit without having to worry about damaging long-term working relationships.

    #5 Think of it like an insurance policy. With any Digital Transformation, you are making a significant investment.  You want to get it right.  The potential cost of delays, change orders, and re-work can easily derail the business outcomes you are trying to achieve. You can think about hiring MSSBTA like purchasing an insurance policy for your Digital Transformation.

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