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  • IT Strategic Planning

    it strategic planning

    Your digital transformation journey begins with creating awareness and alignment on where you are and where you want to go. This process is called IT Strategic Planning.

    We often see organizations start down the path of digital transformation without a clear vision and understanding of what they want to accomplish.  Without this clarity of purpose, stakeholders will often fill the void with their own objectives and priorities.  Stakeholders with different functions, or within different departments, may develop competing objectives and priorities.  This misalignment can ultimately undermine your initiative and potentially even result in organizational conflict. The IT Strategic Planning process begins with aligning IT with Business Strategy.

    Aligning IT with Business Strategy

    Aligning IT with Business Strategy happens through an Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning process.  IT Plans begin with understanding and communicating the Business Strategy.  Technology Strategy comes next which takes a holistic view of the IT environment and how IT will support the Business.  Once the Technology Strategy is in place, more detailed Technology Plans can be built. 

    aligning it and business strategy

    Business Strategy.  You should be able to clearly articulate the business drivers a particular initiative is supporting, how it supports the vision of the organization, and what business outcomes the initiative is expected to deliver upon.

    Technology Strategy. Create alignment with your IT resources on what the business needs are and how the initiative(s) will support them.  Assess the current state of the impacted function(s) and align on the desired future state and roadmap and begin allocating resources to planning.

    Technology Plan.  After there is alignment on the roadmap, you can begin to detail specific plans. Examples might include an IT Operations Plan,  Infrastructure Plan, or Security Plan.

    Together, your Business Strategy, Technology Strategy,
    and Technology Plan make up your IT Strategic Plan.

    What are IT Strategic Plans?

    IT Strategic Plans are the vehicle used to ensure that the organization is leveraging technology and technology enabled services, to create value for the organization, stakeholders, customers, and partners. Strategic Plans are the “on ramps” to arrive at short- and long-term organizational objectives.

    Typically, getting to an IT Strategic Plan starts with a technology assessment or series of assessments.  MSS Business Transformation Advisory partners with customers to assess and understand the current state of the organization and to define a roadmap and strategy for achieving the desired future state vision. This service helps define a detailed strategy for driving the expected business outcomes associated with change or transformation initiatives. We utilize a tailored approach to assessments that is supported by best practice approaches, frameworks, and tools.
    Common technology assessments  include:



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    Learn more about our Technology Assessments

    Many of our Assessments result in a Technology Roadmap and presentation designed to create organizational alignment around a future and transition state. The final component of the IT Strategic Plan is to build out the detailed technology plan(s) that the organization will execute against.  Examples might include an IT Operations Plan,  Infrastructure Plan,  or Security Plan.

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