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  • 8 Attitudes Toward an Optimized Business Application

    optimize erp system

    Have you squeezed all you can from your business applications?

    Recently, the CFO from one of our mid-market clients reminisced with one of our business consultants about how enthusiastic she was when MSS helped her company select and implement their business application back in 2011. As an optimized business application, it delivered on all of their requirements.

    The software application aligned perfectly with the company’s strategic, business and technology goals. As a result, her organization saw immediate return on their investment and made great strides. But, after several years the thrill was gone. They felt they had squeezed all they could from their investment.

    She went on to say that while the business itself had changed and matured over the years, some of the business processes had not. For example, they had taken forecasting offline and never got it back into the application; multiple divisions were running reports manually; and they added a new division that never fully integrated into the business system. Consequently, she wasn’t sure if the current system matched their needs or if it was time to consider something new.

    Her story is common. Every business changes over time and each has different ways of working. But all too often they don’t pause to review, assess and optimized business application to meet their changing business needs, or stop to consider if it is time to invest in a new system.

    How an organization views its business application matters, and there is still a lot this client’s company can gain from their investment. Most companies take a common approach to their app, but companies that hold these 8 attitudes toward an optimized business application take a strategic approach to their digital strategy enjoy longer-term benefits from their system:

    8 Attitudes Toward an Optimized Business Application

    1. Thinking of the business application as a platform for continuous improvement
    2. Knowing the business application lays the foundation for future benefits and requires continued optimization
    3. Viewing the business application as a foundational, strategic asset requiring ownership and planning based on desired business outcomes
    4. Assessing the system and regularly refreshing and testing updates
    5. Updating business goals, operations, and process during an assessment
    6. Reigniting organizational cooperation while reinforcing the purpose of the initial investment
    7. Enforcing integration of business units and processes within the business application to maximize efficiencies and ROI
    8. Evolving the system in increments, requiring a more agile mindset and short planning cycles

    Free PDF download: Optimized vs Outdated Enterprise Software Applications

    Approaching any enterprise application from this perspective and regularly assessing its alignment with the organization’s digital strategy and technology goals will go a long way to determine if it is still the right system for the organization or if its time to look ahead toward a new business application implementation.

    If your business has gone through changes its time to review, assess, and optimize your business applications.
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