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  • Business Process Management

  • Organizational Business Transformation

    At MSS we help organizations realize the value of transformation by accelerating adoption among their people and partners.

    What we do:

    MSS enables organizations to fully realize the value of transformational efforts by enabling their people and partners to quickly adopt and apply changes. MSS does this by employing the vast experience of its business consultants and techniques developed over 30 years of service.

    How we do it:

    A Holistic Approach: MSS business consultants ignite organizational transformation by applying a holistic approach to:

    • Enable a clear vision
    • Understand the full organizational impact and readiness for change
    • Align strategicoperational and digital transformation needs
    • Develop benchmarking and apply relevant best practices
    • Analyze gaps and develop customized solutions
    • Measure outcomes to ensure operational excellence
    • Build organizational competencies and sustainability

    Accelerated Strategy Alignment Portfolio (ASAPTM):  ASAPTM is an adaptable toolset proven to yield breakthrough results in the areas of Strategic Thinking, Innovation, Operational Performance, Team Performance, and Organizational Change. Utilizing ASAPTM, MSS can significantly reduce the process of igniting organizational transformation from years to months and from months to weeks,thus enabling organizations to make a great leap forward and discover increased value earlier.

    Deep Expertise: MSS business consultants are experts with 15 to 20 years of experience leading Organizational Transformation in organizations ranging from Fortune 50 to small and mid-sized companies to the public sector.

    Highly Effective Governance:  Our experienced Governance consultants act as a force multiplier to engage the entire organization and work place in the transformation effort. We provide tailored solutions emphasizing efficiency, cost effectiveness, and sustainability. This includes:

    • Assessing the organizational environment
    • Developing the appropriate transformation structure
    • Developing success criteria
    • Developing and executing a program roadmap
    • Measuring performance
    • Building accountability and ownership
    • Ensuring effective knowledge transfer and business continuity


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