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  • Business Process Management

  • Optimization & Change

    Optimize the value of your people, process, and technology investments now to ensure sustainable success for the future.

    Optimize Technology Investments

    Every organization at some point will look to optimize their technology investments, operational processes, and employee and vendor utilization to provide services to stakeholders, customers, partners, and how they create value for the organization.

    MSS Business Transformation Advisory can help optimize the value of your people, process, and technology investments now, to drive business outcomes and ensure sustainable success for the future. We help you take every function in your company to a new level of performance while thinking innovatively, driving change, and staying ahead of disruption. By leveraging our Leadership, Governance and Accountability engagement oversight within optimization and change initiatives, we can ensure that projects and initiatives will be delivered on-time and within budget and still create the expected business impact.

    Common Optimization & Change services provided to customers include:

    • Operating Effectiveness Assessment & Process Improvement
    • Project Health Assessment & Rescue Plan Development and Execution
    • Application & Process Readiness Assessment
    • Application & Process Adoption Change Management Services
    • Application & Process Optimization


    Optimize Change Management

    We believe organizational change management is critical to the success of any change or transformation initiative – including information technology investment and business optimization initiatives. Understanding how users are impacted by technology, organizational or process changes is imperative. Ensuring users are identified and consistently engaged throughout the change or transformation initiative, to make them aware of anticipated changes, as well as establish expectations for the future state is critical to the success of the project or initiative. Our approach leverages Prosci™ best practices for stakeholder awareness and engagement to ensure that your organization and stakeholders are prepared to be successful on day one of Go-Live when deploying a new technology investment or organizational process change.


    Knowing the maturity level and readiness of your company to implement and sustain continuous change
    throughout the organization is vital. Take our Organizational Change Management Readiness Assessment
    and get an immediate score along with helpful insights.  OCM Stages of Maturity infographic

    • Build your capability to be an agile and adaptive organization
    • Focus on organizational agility and operational resilience
    • Envision, plan, and execute change with speed
    • Promote an understanding and adoption of change management
    • Uncover your business growth opportunities and manage risk
    • Leverage advanced data analytics to achieve strategic objectives
    • Reinvent your supply chain, optimize workflow, and streamline operations


    Learn more about our Acceleration and Transformation offerings.


    Contact MSSBTA to learn how we can optimize your current technologies and business operations to drive greater efficiencies and outcomes. or 602-387-2100.


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