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  • Transformational Business Leaders in Arizona podcast

    Join MSS as we spend time talking with our Transformational Leaders award finalists in a panel discussion. Gain insight into what it takes to lead an organization through a major transformation as they share their experiences as transformational business leaders in Arizona.

    Meet our transformational business leaders and award finalists.

    Tim Grein, President and CEO of Walbar Engine Components

    Prior to divestiture from United Technologies in September 2016, Walbar Engine Components struggled to control costs, manage on-time delivery, and meet customer expectations. Under Tim Grein’s leadership the company immediately focused on the basics: people first, quality, customer delivery, and controlled spending. Tim led the team by empowering each of them to do what they do best, and today Walbar has restored its position as a world-class, independent turbine component manufacturer.

    Dr. Robert Trenschel, President and CEO of Yuma Regional Medical Center

    The year before Dr. Trenschel joined Yuma Regional Medical Center as the new President and CEO, the hospital only completed 12 process improvement projects. During YRMC’s fiscal year 2018, they completed 257, and anticipates completing approximately 500 in 2019. Because Dr. Trenschel has catalyzed a culture where front line employees own quality and process improvement it shows in YRMC’s outcomes and how the community feels about its hospital.

    Deborah Aders (on behalf of Dr. Trenchel), Vice President of Patient Care Services and CNO at Yuma Regional Medical Center
    Paul Green, Chief Development Officer of Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

    With more than 20 years of IT experience, Paul’s technology-infused leadership adds exciting dimension to his role as Chief Development Officer. Paul joined Angel MedFlight as CIO in 2014 to strengthen the company’s IT capability in support of its continued growth. With a focus on the patient experience, Paul’s innovative influence is evident in everything from the company’s workflow to its online presence. In 2018, Paul was named the Chief Development Officer to lead the company’s technology and business development initiatives.

    Andrew Bess, President and COO of Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

    Andrew brings his experience in operations, revenue cycle management, and finance to Angel MedFlight. As President and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew partners within departments to ensure Angel MedFlight’s strategy is aligned and operational execution is achieved. Andrew brings innovative thinking and a laser-like focus to process improvement and best-practice creation. Before joining Angel MedFlight, Andrew worked across the country in the hospital consulting space and physician practice plans, specializing in revenue cycle and healthcare operations management.

    Kathryn Chandler, Executive Director of Northwest Valley Connect

    As Executive Director/Mobility Manager for Northwest Valley Connect, (NVC) Kathryn is the encouragement and stamina that motivates and drives a volunteer transit organization to connect northwest valley communities with transportation solutions where there are none available. The focus is seniors  65 years and older, those with disabilities, and veterans. Kathryn has 15 years of management experience of para-transit and transportation functions, including strategy, operations and customer service. As the chief administrator over NVC, she is in charge of overall operations of the organization, including transportation coordination, collaboration with area transit providers and quality assurance.

    David Lee, Podcast Facilitator

    As a global executive and regular contributing writer for MSS Business Transformation Advisory, David helps companies strategize, prepare, and lead change using agile and responsive principles.


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