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Case Study: State Board Business Case and Decision Package Development

Client Detail:

The client is a state agency responsible for overseeing public charter schools that operate under a contract with the Board. Overseeing more than 550 charter schools, the Board is the largest charter school authorizer in Arizona and is the second largest authorizer in the nation.

The Challenge:

The Arizona legislature that oversees the Board's activities and performance released a mandate requiring them to perform and report on many new activities when providing oversight to their constituent customers. The limitations of the client's current software platform were creating challenges for staff and citizens that interacted with the agency. Based on the limited functionality of the current software, the Board recognized they would not be able to complete and report on the additional tasks as mandated by the Arizona legislature due to the age and limitations of the existing software.

Our Solution:

MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) was initially engaged to conduct 6-week formal requirements gathering effort and gap analysis on the existing system to finalize the client's requirements and identify new software that adequately matched the agency's current and future business needs.

These deliverables served as foundational documents for the second engagement that included a new software selection and implementation Decision Package that was delivered to the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (OSPB).

The second engagement began with MSSBTA reaching out to similar organizations across the nation to understand what solutions are being leveraged by other agencies, how well the solutions were meeting organizational requirements and needs, and to document the level of end-user satisfaction with the solutions. Through this research, a list of potential vendors was developed and compared to the Board's new requirements.

Potential vendors were solicited for a self-assessment against the documented requirements and demos were scheduled with those best suited to the agency’s requirements and needs. Following the demos MSSBTA requested non-binding 5-year TCO estimates and provided vendor reviews for the Board, leading to the development of a formal business case and budget request.

Consultants documented the Business Case and compiled all the information into a Decision Package for the Governor’s office. Throughout the research phase of the project, MSSBTA conducted weekly touchpoints with the Client Sponsor and kept both ASET and OSPB informed of progress and results.

Their Results:

On a tight timeline, MSSBTA delivered a comprehensive Decision Package to the Governor’s Office. This package documented the assessment of the existing platform against the Agency’s requirements, a gap assessment, impact analysis, and a proposed modernization roadmap. The Decision Package also included the thorough market research utilized to define the potential go-forward solution, a 5-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) estimate for the new software platform, the Business Case to transition to a new platform, and third-party analysis and review on software vendor capabilities and "fit".


  • Market/Industry Research

  • Software Demos

  • TCO Estimates

  • Vendor Reviews

  • Formal Business Case

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