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  • Selecting the Right Vendors for Your Transformation Initiative


    Does your transformation initiative need to:

    With the right software selection, the best fitting implementation partner, and a trusted project oversight advisor, all of these are realistic.

    There are three equally vital components to a successful transformation initiative. First, the right software based on your organization’s unique needs and requirements. Second, an implementer with the capabilities to move you to your future state. Third, a trusted advisor to oversee the transformation and drive results.

    The importance of selecting the right software solution to achieve the desired business results is often overlooked by many organizations. Select the right software and catapult your organization ahead of your competitors. But, select the wrong software and your organization can experience significant set-backs and delays.

    Equally important to selecting the right software solution is choosing the right implementation partner. The vendor that sold the application may be the obvious choice. However, they are not always the right choice. An implementation partner must have a deep knowledge of the product, its integration capabilities with other systems, along with the know-how to bring them together.

    The final piece of the puzzle is Leadership, Governance and Accountability. Without the right project oversight and alignment your initiative could still be at risk. Hiring a trusted advisor to pull all the pieces together, take accountability, and provide project leadership will minimize organizational risk and ensure a more successful transformation.


    Considering a transformation initiative? Before you start,  download our Vendor Selection PDF to learn how MSSBTA can help.



    Identify Selection Criteria to facilitate the capture of detailed business requirements

    Solution Provider and/or System Integrator Selection:

    Contract Negotiations to identify hidden costs that can add an additional 50% above purchase or subscription costs


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