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  • Vendor Selection

    Vendor selection

    Choosing the Right Software, Solution Provider, or Systems Integrator

    Before initiating a Vendor Selection, you should begin with validating business and IT alignment.  A great way to achieve this alignment is through IT Strategic Planning

    The Vendor Selection Process

    Vendor Selection is the process in which an organization selects a software, solution provider, or systems integrator. This often includes a set of sub-processes that includes cross-functional coordination between Business, IT and Procurement organizations. Although organizations differ in their specific approach to Vendor Selection, some common sub-processes include:

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    What are the Components to Selecting the Right Vendors?

    selecting the right vendors

    What are the Challenges in the Vendor Selection Process?

    Vendor Selection can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming process for any organization. Some of the more common challenges include:

    What are the Critical Success Factors in a Successful Vendor Selection?

    With all the challenges associated with the Vendor Selection process, there are a number of things that you can do to set your organization up for success. At MSS Business Transformation Advisory, we have identified the top critical success factors in successful Vendor Selections. These top critical success factors are:

    Considering a major technology initiative?
    Before you start, download our Vendor Selection PDF to learn how MSSBTA can help.



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    Why Should You Bring in a 3rd Party Vendor Selection Partner?

    We strongly advise against you attempting to manage the Vendor Selection process yourself.  Here are the top five reasons to employ a 3rd Party Vendor Selection Partner:

    #1 Acquire expertise you do not have.  By hiring a Vendor Selection Partner, you can bridge the internal gaps in knowledge, skill, and capacity. We are experts in Vendor Selection and Digital Transformation.

    #2 Leverage selection accelerators.  MSSBTA has a structured methodology/process, tools, and templates and you will not need to re-invent the wheel.

    #3 Eliminate internal bias. We are not aligned with any specific solution or Vendor.  We are apolitical and have your best interest at heart. We will help you choose the right solution for you.

    #4 It is a huge decision. You want to get it right.  The Vendor Selection process is not something most organizations can afford to skimp on.  Hiring MSSBTA is kind of like buying a cheap insurance policy that you will be making the right decision.

    #5. Avoid the never-ending sales calls.  This might sound funny, but are you prepared for the onslaught of sales representatives knocking down the door? Hiring a 3rd Party to manage the process will allow you to focus on your organization’s core functions.

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