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3 Ways a Culture of Innovation Can Drive Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Most companies understand the imperative to undergo a digital transformation. The most forward-thinking go be

yond merely modernizing their operations and processes to introduce efficiencies and accelerate or even invent new responses to ever-dynamic signals from customers and competitors.

Completing a large-scale operational and cultural makeover leveraging technology is crucial. Customers in most industries and sectors increasingly expect products and services delivered ever more rapidly, cheaply, and seamlessly in ways they desire and on-demand. Customers will readily replace businesses that fail to adapt to their dynamic needs with those that are more adept in this effort.

Still, many companies struggle through the transformation process itself. Why? Because often the focus is exclusively o

n technology; companies often overlook or neglect the human aspects of transformation – from employees to customers. Additionally, the blueprints for a 12- to 24-month rollout can often be rendered obsolete by the ever-increasing speed of change in the marketplace.

To enhance the potential for succeeding in a strategic digital transformation, start by fostering a culture of innovation in its people, regardless of where they sit in the organization. Why culture? As Peter Drucker famously proclaimed, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s an important component to ensure long-lasting success that is increasingly needed to provide the organizational flexibility and agility to meet a dynamic envi

ronment that accelerates daily.

Here are three considerations for instilling a culture of innovation to drive

a meaningful digital transformation.

  1. Align a culture of innovation to a clear vision and process

  2. Understand that innovation can be incremental as well as monumental

  3. Embed an innovation mindset across the organization so innovation can happen with anyone, anywhere, at any time

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