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change management

Equip your people – and your organization – for impactful change
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Organizational Benefits of Change Management

Organizations without a process or plan for managing change often struggle to keep up with today’s frenetic pace. Change Management is a critical element of any transformation initiative and offers substantial benefits to an organization's adoption, productivity, and bottom line. 

Download a copy of our thought leadership article Organizational Benefits of Change Management.
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Our Point of View

Good Change Management = Higher Adoption = Improved Performance 


Managing change well is vital to any successful technology implementation or process rollout.  A solid change strategy helps your team overcome resistance and adapt smoothly. Everyone gets on board faster, is ready for what’s coming, and is prepared to deliver. Neglecting change management produces the opposite results: unprepared team members, low adoption rates, reduced productivity, and sub-optimal performance.

Change management turns potential digital modernization chaos into a great success.

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The Role of Change Management in Supplier Onboarding Success

Explore the crucial role Change Management (CM) plays in enhancing the efficiency and success of the supplier onboarding process. 

Get your people ready

Change management helps your team understand why changes are needed, what those changes are, and how they help them do their jobs to impact the organization. It helps minimize the natural resistance that comes with change and helps them confidently adopt a new and better way of doing their work.

The benefits of change management are clear:

  • Increased user adoption

  • Confidence to do their job on day one

  • Less resistance and more openness to future change

  • Better performance

  • An organization better equipped to handle future change

How We Help

How We Help

You want to ensure that your organization successfully embraces new technologies and processes. We provide the tools and support to enable you to successfully implement these changes. More importantly, we help your people feel comfortable with changes and confident in their ability to do their jobs.

We provide:

  • Change readiness assessments

  • Change vision and communication

  • Stakeholder engagement 

  • Change planning and implementation

  • Training planning, development, delivery, and oversight

  • Change monitoring and feedback 

  • Sponsor guidance, coaching, and support

Our Work

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Our Work
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What We Think

What We Think

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Navigating Transformation: An Overview of Change Management

Digital transformation requires more than just implementing new technology—it demands effective management of the "people side of change." Learn why Change Management is critical to ensuring the success of large technology initiatives.

Our Leaders

Featured Consultants

Travis Cunningham | Senior Consultant | MSSBTA Digital Transformation & Change Management Consulting Firm
Travis Cunningham

With 20+ years of experience, Travis Cunningham is a change leader and project management pro. From ERP implementations to corporate mergers, Travis has navigated complex projects across many industries. He is also a Human Resources ace. He has expertise in strategic planning, leadership retreats, team building, and crafting strategic HR plans that boost organizational performance.

Susan Hayer | Senior Consultant | MSSBTA Digital Transformation & Change Management Consulting Firm
Susan Hayer, Ph.D.

Susan Hayer leads Digital Modernization and Organizational Change Management, guiding transformative change with her expertise. With precision, she orchestrates Agile teams and revitalizes Project Management Offices (PMOs) across industries, implementing lean-agile practices for streamlined operations.


Susan fosters inclusive change management, engaging all levels. Proficient in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), she excels in strategic planning and stakeholder management, driving consensus. Her dynamic leadership in Governance and Accountability initiatives fuels organizational improvements, defining success with clarity.

Travis's Publications
Susan's Publications

Join Our Team

If you're smart, motivated, and passionate about helping others succeed, you might be MSSBTA material.
Join Our Team | Aaron Anderson | Consulting Manager | MSSBTA Digital Transformation & Change Management Consulting Firm
  • What is the Transformation Leader of the Year award?
    The Transformation Leader of the Year Award is MSS Business Transformation Advisory’s (MSSBTA) way to recognize Arizona leaders and teams who are driving successful transformation initiatives. The award gives them a platform to promote their organizations and be recognized as innovators and change-makers.
  • When are the Transformation Leader of the Year award nominations open?
    Transformation Leader of the Year award nominations open in January and continue through the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation nomination period, usually around mid-July.
  • MSSBTA strongly encourages nominations from qualified organizations that include but not limited to:
    Emerging or Hyper-growth companies – $5M to $49M in revenue Mid-market companies – $50M to $999M in revenue Enterprise companies – over $1B in revenue Public Sector agencies – municipal, county, and state agencies Non-profit organizations – of any size Higher Education – public or private institutions K-12 Education – public or private institutions
  • How are the Transformation Leaders recognized?
    Transformation Leader nominees are recognized a few ways: Through quarterly virtual panels with fellow nominees and local business leaders. Through transformation story videos shared on social media. Nominees are recognized, and the winner announced at the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation gala event. This is a high-profile event sponsored by Arizona Technology Council, Arizona Commerce Authority, and Avnet.
  • What does the judging committee look for in a nomination?
    Without giving too much away, the committee is always impressed by measurable metrics and quantifiable results. Specifics are important. Examples of how your leader successfully guided the company/agency/department/district through a major transformation or change in how it operates are expected. Organization size doesn’t matter, the success story does.
  • Who can submit a nomination?
    Just about anyone can submit a nomination. This is your opportunity to recognize people from within your department, agency, company, etc. Don’t be shy, put your own hat in the ring if you want to share how you successfully navigated your company through major business or digital transformation in the previous year.
  • Is it for Arizona-based organizations only?
    Yes, the Transformation Leader of the Year award is open to organizations throughout the state of Arizona, and there is no cost to participate.


When it’s time to prepare your people for change, let’s talk.

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