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Case Study: Leading Change Management During Supply Chain Transformation

Client Detail:

The client was a $3.7B+ organization with 7,000+ employees operating in 16 states. The business is a public water utility provider across the United States with a focus on providing reliable, quality water to its customers.

MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) was engaged by the client to lead change management efforts across all regions for 2,100+ users and 1,700+ suppliers for a supply chain transformation effort. They transitioned to a new Procurement system and streamlined their business processes to be simpler, faster, and more efficient.

The Challenge:

The Client was undergoing a supply chain transformation for its decentralized operating structure, the catalyst of a new procurement system implementation. MSSBTA was engaged to ensure that the decentralized organization was fully prepared to be successful when the new system and business processes were implemented.

Our Solution:

Through a structured, unique approach, MSSBTA engaged each of the stakeholder groups through the transformation journey and prepared them for a successful go-live. This included a targeted communications strategy and plan, progressive end user roadshows, development and oversight of training materials, and recurring readiness assessments to evaluate and adjust the engagement strategy throughout the transformation.

The Results:

The engagement provided the client:

  • Engaged and prepared stakeholder groups, including leadership, end-users, and external suppliers

  • Cultural and operational shift to an empowered, decentralized model of Supply Chain Management

  • Confidence in the transformation’s ability to achieve and realize the intended outcomes/objectives


  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

  • Communications Plan

  • Stakeholder Readiness Assessments

  • End User Roadshow Series

  • Change Impact Assessment

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