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Case Study: Creating Project Alignment and Traction in a Siloed Environment

Client Detail:

The client is a large waste management company with 35,000+ employees operating in several locations across 40 U.S. States. They provide non-hazardous solid waste collection, transfer, disposal, recycling, and energy services to over 14 million U.S. customers.

Since 2012, MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) has provided consulting services to the client's Information Technology (IT) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications leadership teams.

The Challenge:

The client's new IT management was facing challenges adapting to the volume of short-term project requests from the business. IT management needed assistance with the review and prioritization of internal tasks if they were to fulfill the project requests with limited resources.

Of the pending projects, the largest included the integration and launch of a Vendor Invoice Management system. This system connected the client to the software vendor’s management site in series with the client’s banking institutions, to manage and fulfill vendor payments that adhere to contracted terms and payment schedules. The system stabilization was dependent on collaboration among multiple teams within the organization. However, after many years of siloed work environments these groups needed to realign with each other and improve their group communications. The success of the system stabilization depended almost exclusively on these teams working in harmony.

Our Solution:

MSSBTA facilitated the required alignment between various internal teams, facilitating the stabilization of the Vendor Invoice Management system, and other various projects within Finance, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, software, and system upgrades.

Being experts in business communication and adapting communication to fit with specific audiences, MSSBTA was able to seamlessly integrate and influence the organization and serve as a bridge between diverse business teams and vendors. MSSBTA applied Leadership, Governance, and Accountability (LGA) practices to foster internal communications between fragmented teams. Vendors were aligned to the client’s business requirements to ensure development activities and projects were successful.

The client considered MSSBTA a critical resource within their organization that understood and interpreted business objectives, built relationships, kick-started solutions development, and worked with internal teams to ensure the successful delivery of projects.

The Results:

The teams working on the Vendor Invoice Management system broke out of their silos and began to communicate with each other and the vendors. This allowed the teams to fulfill their requirements regarding development specifications (internally and externally) while keeping them focused on their commitments, timelines, and support channels.


  • Leadership, Governance, and Accountability

  • Facilitation

  • Project Management

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