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Case Study: Current State Assessment Drives Best-in-Class, Future Technology State

Client Detail:

The client is a finance team responsible for safeguarding the financial assets of the organization. They manage the licensing, supervision, and regulation of financial institutions and enterprise operations.

The Challenge:

After an initial project assessment, the client was provided with a list of recommendations and corrective actions to remedy an ailing workflow system implementation. They wanted to fully understand the transition of technology to a future state.

The client was managing business operations with a portfolio of dated computer applications and required the definition and documentation of business requirements to detail the desired technology future state. As part of the recommendations and to complete the future state model, the client needed an assessment of the current technical infrastructure to ensure the right environment was planned to support a best-in-class, future technology state.

Our Solution:

The MSSBTA team reviewed the components of the Information Technology (IT) ecosystem and developed a detailed plan to review and document the IT current state, manage tasks the client chose, and provide advice and counsel for the duration of the effort and next steps.

Business Applications:

  • Stakeholders from each functional area supplied information on current use of business applications and requirements for the future state

  • Using those requirements, a brief list of capable solution providers was identified. Each potential provider was vetted to ensure they proved the necessary capabilities and were a minimal risk if selected

  • Potential providers were compared to 9 key attributes required for the future state vision

  • Our team reviewed and documented shared services provided by the home office organization to understand how those services may be incorporated into the future state

IT Operations:

  • MSSBTA conducted a full assessment of the current IT technical infrastructure

  • Our team provided the client with a guide for a complete vendor solution selection

  • We analyzed the IT infrastructure and recommended a future state architecture to support a fully integrated, paperless solution

  • MSSBTA created a roadmap of recommendations for the continued use or retirement of equipment to transform the legacy infrastructure to the future state model

Data Management:

  • MSSBTA recommended an approach for data integration, clean-up and management in preparation for the new solution implementation

Other Key Client Requests:

  • MSSBTA conducted an assessment and named risks of not properly disposing of legacy systems and data

  • Our team reviewed and recommended a new operating model for the client IT department

  • We supplied budgetary numbers for ultimate future state solution for the client’s planning processes

Their Results:

MSSBTA and the client expectations were clear and agreed upon before work began. Client expectations throughout the duration of the project through frequent informal and formal communication and short, daily team meetings. The client was delighted with the MSSBTA effort. They appreciated the assessments of each area, the thoroughness of the analysis and the quality of the deliverables. The final report and budgeting information presented was described as “awesome” and provided the precise information required for the client to seek approval for future project phases.

The client chose to select the replacement vendor solution with their internal Procurement department, but they engaged MSSBTA to provide project oversight to ensure accountability and a successful implementation.


  • Comprehensive list of requirements needed for the desired technology future state

  • Overall IT solution roadmap and 2-3 providers able to deliver future state requirements

  • Implementation strategy

  • Decommissioning strategy for all legacy systems

  • New IT operating model using available shared service

  • Detailed project findings

  • Final Project Recommendations

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