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Case Study: Vendor Selection Process Delivers Best-in-Class Technology Solution

The Client:

The client handles support of Arizona public programs by maximizing the organization’s net revenue.  

Their Challenge:

The client was using a 30-year-old IBM AS400 system to manage the back-office functions of the organization including Billing and Claims, Customer Service, and others. They looked to replace the AS400 and business applications with a scalable, best-in-class technology suite.

The client engaged MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) to document their current technical state and design the organization’s desired future state. MSSBTA was also charged with documenting business requirements, documenting current technical architecture, designing the future architecture. Finally, MSSBTA was to lead the identification of competent vendors, manage the vendor selection process, and make a final recommendation to the client for the selection of the most qualified vendor.

Due to the age of the existing system, system knowledge was limited to and managed by a small group of tenured employees who were heavily relied on to supply insight to current state processes and design.

Our Solution:

MSSBTA supplied an objective assessment of the organization’s current state, led the design of a best-in-class future technology vision. Any gaps were managed with the development of a clear road map to the future state. The final design was defined by using technology to enable this future state vision, with a clear path to the transition from the dated legacy system to a contemporary, scalable, and stable cloud-based technology suite. MSSBTA defined and managed the selection of a new vendor to partner with the client in the implementation of the new vision.

Their Results:

The client was open and adaptable while taking part in this project. The client team had not experienced a transition of this size and were dependent on MSSBTA to guide them throughout. With the structured processes and success of the selection work, the client was satisfied with the results.

MSSBTA provided clear and consistent communication and active engagement with client leadership, easing the engagement of the client team. The work has been rewarded with added engagements overseeing the implementation of the selected system, and to supply oversight for many of their ongoing, critical strategic initiatives.


  • Documentation of current technology architecture

  • Business requirements for architecture and business applications

  • Vendor selection request for proposal

  • Management of selection process

  • Final vendor recommendation

  • Technology roadmap from current to future state


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