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Case Study: Project Health Diagnostic Detects Transformation Project Concerns

Client Detail:

The client is accountable for protecting the financial assets of the entire organization. They are responsible for licensing, supervision and regulation of financial institutions and enterprises.

The Challenge:

The client engaged MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) to conduct a Project Assessment of an in-flight project to find and document issues and risks of the technology, staffing, and vendor partner capabilities, with that analysis the client was seeking recommendations for course correction where needed.

Our Solution:

MSSBTA conducted a detailed assessment of best practice project elements and completed the review of project processes, infrastructure, staffing, and user functions in two weeks. Included in that review were:

  • Current and future state requirements of the selected technical architecture, software, and vendor partner

  • Project management and governance practices

  • Data migration, project communication, and deployment strategies

  • User training and system adoption plans

  • Vendor capability risk and probability of success review

With information gained in the assessment, MSSBTA developed corrective action plans and recommended a plan to move forward. The consulting team found that the selected solution and vendor partner was incapable of meeting the organizational need to deliver the desired technology future state. Further, the implementation statement of work did not include all necessary components to support the organization’s long-term vision.

Their Results:

The MSSBTA and client goals and expectations were clear and managed throughout the assessment. The status and issues were often communicated to client leadership concisely, in turn the client was pleased with the comprehensive assessment, the quality of deliverables, and the final recommendations. They appreciated help in deciding whether the current vendor and their project approach would meet their needs in the short and long term.


  • Data Migration and IT Infrastructure strategies

  • Staffing – Internal and External

  • Analysis of issues affecting project, focusing on people, process, and technology

  • Final Project Recommendations

  • Corrective Action Plans – people, process, and technology

  • Documented Project Recovery Plan

  • Documented Adoption and Deployment Risks

  • Documented new timeline

  • Final Project Recommendations

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