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Case Study: Vendor Selection Puts Agency Back on Track

Client Detail:

The client is an Arizona state agency that needed to update their legacy licensing system to one that is modern and further enables their growth as a competitive agency.

The Challenge:

The Agency began the process of decommissioning their aging system into a faster, more efficient digital one. However, the project failed to gain traction after several implementation delays resulting in the vendor’s dismissal. To get the project back on track, the client needed to quickly choose another implementation partner that could deliver on their requirements and help them reach their future state.

Having recently completed a high-level assessment of the client’s current state, MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) launched a more detailed assessment of over 300 requirements to move them to their envisioned future state. Vendor selection was at the top of the ledger.

Our Solution:

With system requirements in hand, MSSBTA began vendor exploration activities with four prospective partners. In this process MSSBTA measured each vendor’s capabilities against the requirements to gauge how the vendor would move the client toward their stated goal. Each vendor was scored on their ability to decommission the legacy system, implement a modern system, and migrate legacy data to the new system.

MSSBTA consultants also analyzed the client's infrastructure and suggested an architecture to support a solution that included a decommissioning strategy and a diagram of how their legacy system ‘talked’ with previous systems, and how the new system should.

Their Results:

Leveraging efforts from the vendor exploration activities, the Agency was able to select the preferred implementation partner and move forward with the retirement of their legacy system and implementation of a modern, paperless solution. With the right vendor in place and focused on their requirements, the client was positioned to successfully achieve their digital transformation.


  • Business Requirements

  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection

  • Vendor Negotiations

  • Software Decommission Strategy

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