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Case Study: Improving Team Communication Using 3-D Mapping

Client Detail:

The CTO of a higher education organization sought to quickly enhance team performance and build momentum to implement positive change with a team that included new and existing staff members. MSSBTA was engaged to assist in a review of communications and the development of action plans for improvement of communication between Information Technology (IT) departmental executives and their staff.

The Challenge:

The organization’s industry is experiencing exponential change requiring an organizational transformation. The IT team is at the center of that transformation. The CTO needed to better understand team dynamics, communication, and collaboration.

Our Solution:

To analyze the current state of the IT team, three facilitated sessions were designed and conducted to accelerate team development and performance. Leadership, Governance, and Accountability principles were applied by MSSBTA to help the client fully understand the current state of communication within the IT team and with the IT executive leadership team.

Short assessment surveys were used to gather information on the current communication state between IT leadership and staff. Each assessment was followed by group discussions of the current communication state. Between sessions, a facilitator held one-on-one coaching sessions with the participants to assist in the creation of individual action plans.

Survey results and Sociomapping were used to represent easy-to-understand communication results. These results outlined the current state, and the desired state in 3-D graphics to review current organizational relationships, the desired, and the future states. This presentation method allowed the CTO to visually identify improvement opportunities.

MSSBTA also provided oversight to the vendor management meetings, leadership escalation, budget, contractor, and resource management for the client. Leadership, Governance, and Accountability practices were introduced to the vendors and staff using the MSSBTA management process.

Their Results:

Leadership, Governance, and Accountability principles applied by MSSBTA helped the client fully understand the current state of communication in the IT team and with the IT executive leadership team.

Sociomapping was used to create an easy-to-understand, 3-D graphical output representing organizational communication methods and identify opportunities for improvement. The images represented the current state and the desired state of communications within the IT team. Using the tool on a periodic basis provides the ability to track progress toward the future state. A certified facilitator worked with the team members to create individual action plans to assist in the transformation of the team. Areas of improvement were identified and documented using the custom graphics.


  • Communication surveys to gather current state information

  • Facilitated group and individual action planning sessions

  • Individual and team improvement action plans

  • Sociomapping survey results provided a clear method to track progress toward the desired future state

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