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Charts for Business Transformation Optimization

CUSTOMIZED Transformation Services

MSS Business Transformation Advisory offers expertise and guidance to help your organization achieve its business objectives. Regardless of where you are in the transformation journey, we work with you to define your next step, and develop a unique solution to most effectively reach your goals.

Assess Understand Your Organization





Assessment Services compare your organization's current state to industry best practices. They are designed to discover overall organization strengths and weaknesses and to identify specific performance gaps and opportunities for improvement. Assessments allow you to target optimization and transformation opportunities. Most importantly, they help you focus on actions and investments that will improve business outcomes.

Sample of Diagnostics

Application Portfolio Assessment Diagnostic
CEO-CIO Alignment Diagnostic

Data Quality Diagnostic
End User Satisfaction Diagnostic
IT Management & Governance Diagnostic
Project Management Methodology Evaluation
Reporting & Analytics Diagnostic

Optimize Improve Your Processes





Optimize Services focus on aligning people, processes, and technology to drive improved organizational performance. These services concentrate on maximizing the capabilities of your current technology, streamlining and aligning your processes to work synergistically with your technology, and making sure that your employees have the knowledge and skills to execute the processes to the best of their abilities. When you Optimize, it improves efficiency and effectiveness of your organization resulting in improved performance and business outcomes. Targeted Optimization Services can be used to improve the performance of specific areas or processes within your organization. Here is a sample of potential optimization services:

Process Improvement - A current state assessment/measurement of existing process(es) along with design facilitation, implementation and adoption of improved process(es). 


Project Rescue - A corrective action plan development and execution to get the project back on track. (Project Rescue should be combined with a Project Health Assessment to fully evaluate and determine Project Rescue as the correct path to take for your project.).


Application Optimization - A process to identify opportunities to optimize processes and software to address current pain points to avoid significant expense associated with acquiring new software.


Application/Process Adoption - A current state assessment of readiness and level of adoption. It provides a full scope of change management services to drive adoption to the desired level.

Transform Your Strategy in Motion





Through our Transform Services, you will be able to create sustainable change to drive business outcomes. Whether you are transforming an entire organization, business unit, or department, your transformation will be enabled through targeted, dedicated support throughout the journey. Here is a sample of potential optimization services:

IT Strategic Planning - A strategy and plan to operationalize business strategy and accept accountability for the plan execution leading to the desired transformation/change.


Transformation Oversight/Governance (LGA) - A review of plans and strategy, and accountability for plan execution leading to the desired transformation/change.


Vendor Selection - An end-to-end solution from identifying business requirements through supporting contract negotiations for software or integration services. It includes business requirements, identifying a vendor list, creating an RFP, developing a scoring matrix, developing a demo script, coordinating demonstrations, facilitating recommendation/decision and supporting the contract negotiations.


Enterprise Change Management - A strategy and plan developed to implement formalized change management throughout an organization, business unit, department, etc.

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