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MSS Business Transformation Advisory helps you meet your IT Maturity goals to drive increased value for your organization.

Why THIS OBJECTIVE is important

By maximizing IT maturity, an organization can reduce IT cost up to


Reduce productivity loss from unplanned downtime by up to


with modernized technology.

IT organizations with a business-aligned strategy are


more likely to influence business growth.


How to ACHIEVE this Objective

Information Technology organizations have traditionally been viewed as cost centers focused on stability, control, and risk management for technology platforms used to operate the business. In today’s world the expectations have changed significantly. IT groups are now expected to create value for the organization. In many organizations they are integral to delivering and supporting the technology that must meet or exceed customer expectations. How do you move your IT organization from current performance levels to becoming a key component of your organization's success? The answer is unique to each organization, but you can discover the answer for your organization through our Approach that focuses on three steps: 


Select an appropriate IT Maturity Model and clearly identify your current maturity level (current state) and the ultimate maturity level you want to achieve (future state).


Align your People, Processes and Technology to drive incremental performance improvements across your organization.


Take your IT organizational performance to the next level. Change your IT Operating Model to embrace innovation, leverage technology and add/improve services to drive increased value for your organization.

As IT transformation advisors we work with our clients to discover their unique answer. Our experienced consultants will guide you through each stage, as appropriate, for your organization. Our focus is not just on completing a specified scope of work, but on implementing change that delivers the outcomes you are looking for. See how our guidance can add value to your organization.
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